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Is a sphere made of leather or other materials Flexible As appropriate that

does not harm the player Being football number 5 ufa88 Entrance

With a circumference of about 68-70 centimeters, weighing about 410-450 grams
Number of players rules แทงบอล

The maximum number of players for each team is 11, one of which is the

goalkeeper. And each team consists of the players and substitutes The

lineup will be a set player.

The first player to enter the field, the substitutes are for the alternate with

the original players in the event that the players can not play or other cases.

As appropriate or as

At the discretion of the team manager (by competing for the purpose of

winning the championship can only be changed by 3 people and on 18

March 2016, FIFA passed a resolution approving

To substitute the 4th reserve player during extra time But if it is a friendly

match or a celebration of a relationship, there will be unlimited


The starting lineup must be at least 7 and not more than 11 And one of

them must have 1 player with a goalkeeper, no more than 7 players can be


If it is a general competition Or connect Can specify the number of reserves

Which must notify the referee before the competition

Soccer ball equipment rules (according to Rule 2) are used for playing 1 ball

and the uniforms of the 2 team athletes competing. All team members except the keeper

The gates must wear the same color match set and both teams must wear

the color matching set clearly. Cannot wear a dress with a similar color tone

(For example, one team is wearing a white uniform The other team is

wearing a yellow uniform. The goalkeeper must wear a uniform that has

the same color as the two players.

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