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Web Football You would be another person who should have tried to search for messages about baccarat and followed by the word pantip for sure, such as playing baccarat, which website is good pantip, baccarat brings rich pantip or baccarat techniques. pantip ลิเวอร์พูล

Because believe that in the famous web board posts of Thailand Should have information on this subject to exchange And the information received would probably have some level of credibility But could not get the exact answer

Or can be used to play. Yes, it is to create a dream that can not be fulfilled. Because today we will bring you to study Understand And took the money from us

Dragon card formula

The formula is called Dragon cards. Let us wait for the same cards to be repeated 3 times in succession from the Banker. Then we bet on the Banker because there are many chances to be repeated continuously. Until the statistics table was arranged like a dragon’s tail That is the origin of the name of the dragon card formula.

Table tennis card formula

Formulas for us to wait out from 3 or more turns, such as Banker and Player, then Banker and Player, then Banker and Player. Once switched 3 times, the table tennis formula will begin. Then let us bet alternately. Keep coming Until it is repeated With alternating turns like this Making it similar to ping-pong Therefore is the origin of the name of table tennis card formula.

  1. Play Baccarat Betting Forms

Let us start placing bets at 50 baht. If losing, bet at 100. If losing again, bet at 200. If losing again, place bets at 400. Keep doing this until you get. When winning bets

Let us bet back at 50 as before. This method is the most popular. Because there is almost no chance of losing money But requires a lot of funds This formula has already been written on our baccarat play page. Is a basic formula that should always be carried on

Only this, you will find that The formula that we gave Can really make you a lot of money because it’s already been screened Passed many trials And has been guaranteed by members who have already used that It actually works. Not boring.

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