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UFABET online casino Hello to all members. We will take you to the game Bean Popo, a very interesting game. But the play is more appetizing Because it’s easy to play, real money is fun. Anyone who is stressed Try to try playing Pau Tu game and you will see what games will make you relax and get a good mood. ข่าว กีฬา บอล

Since winning bets often earn money Playing pea Formerly a Chinese gambling from China. There are different methods of betting and using money, like Pok Pok and Pok Pok. Equipment used to play nuts, tamarind seed, seed beads, beads or something similar. ตำนาน แมน ยู

 Amount 120 – 300 grains and kites or small wooden boards in long strands. Or the drawing panel instead As a symbol for placing bets How to play is The organizer of the game will pick up a small amount of beans or something else in front of them. (Enough to allow players to shift incorrectly)

Then allow players to stab according to various methods until completed, then clarify in front of the players at a time, 4 seed until the final division is considered a decision, such as the final division is 1, it is considered to be out the door 1, etc. There are 8 types of playing methods, namely

General thrust Same as piercing ah But the dealer pays 1-2 times

Tang Oh is a bet aimed at just 3 goals, losing 3 goals.

Ineam or square bet is a bet on the line. By stabbing one door but in case of surviving the other door

 Tang Meng is a bet aimed only one goal. In case of surviving left and right) 2 goals allow to lose at the opposite door.

 Stab terminals or sell like stabbing Meng The difference is that it allows the dealer to eat right or left only one goal.

Jackkat is pocketing 2 goals and losing 2 goals.

 A punt pier is similar to a pocket stab, ie stabbing 2 goals and losing 2 goals

 Bet on a ticket similar to stabbing inlays, Meng and polar) is wrong, but to bet on the customer ticket has the advantage of being 2 times correct, losing 1 more time to 2 goals, namely where the money is placed as the right door Opposite draw and 2 sides are broken

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